Construction Management

Conwave is a boutique trading company, specializing
in construction machinery, parts, and equipment.

Conwave is one of the few well-experienced companies, that provides construction machinery, parts and equipment for customers in various construction sectors, including:

  • Industrial
  • Energy
  • Land Excavation / Natural Resources Extraction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agricultural
  • And other industries

Our company has collaborated with the elite construction companies in Greece and has proudly established long standing relationships, with prominent partners, all over Europe. With many years of collective experience, our specialized team has successfully sourced and delivered construction machinery, parts and equipment, for projects totaling hundreds of millions of euros.

Our goal is to provide the best solution for every single one of our clients and cater to their specific needs. Thanks to our expansive network, perennial experience and exclusive partnerships, we can provide our clients with cost effective and high-quality solutions.

Your best interest is our main priority.
And we always strive for fast, safe and reliable results.

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